Description :
—All Mid 2009- mid 2012 13″ A1278 Unibody MacBook Pros(mid2009 mb990 mb991; mid2010 mc374 mc375; early 2011 mc799 mc724; late 2011 md313 md314; md2012 md101 md102)
—All Mid 2009 – mid 2012 15″ A1286 Unibody MacBook Pros(mid 2009 mc118; mid 2009 mb985 mb986; mid 2010 mc371 mc372 mc373; early 2011 mc721 mc723; mid 2012 md103; late 2012 md104)
—All 2010 – 2012 17″ A1297 Unibody MacBook Pros
—All Mid 2010 – Early 2011 13″ A1342 MacBook (mc516 mc207)
DescribtionTrack ’em down with this set, including 2pcs trackpad springs 8pcs 1.6 millimeter Philips tiny screws and 1pc 1.4 millimeter T5 trackpad button adjustment screw. Philips screws secure the trackpad to the under belly of the top case.T5 screw sets how much play, or give, the trackpad has when you press it down. In other words, you use this screw to calibrate how far the trackpad is depressed when you perform the click action.ToolsPhillips 00 screwdriver to remove ten screws securing the lower case to the upper caseand touchpad screwT6 Torx screwdriver to remove sixscrews securing fan to the logic board and nine screws mounting the main boardT


OEM,100% brand new and High Quality


Make sure the serous printed on you bottom before order:
Fit for A1278 A1286 2009-2012, A1297 2010-2012, A1342.
But not fir for 13″ A1278 2008 , 15″ A1286 2008 , 17″ A1297 2009.